royal blue bridesmaid dresses australia

Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses For A Royally, Beautiful Day

Royal blue bridesmaid dresses have recently given us a really fresh air. When it comes to finding the right dress, royal blue has come to the top place. Besides looking very classy, the color royal blue can be fit to any type of dress, making it all easier to match the dress with their body […]

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coral dress bridesmaid

Coral Bridesmaid Dresses To Complete The Beautiful Day

Coral bridesmaid dresses have recently started to open a brand new path. Previously, the beautiful day of a wedding ceremony is overwhelmed by the colors of golden, red or pink. Now, it is the right time for coral dresses to shine! When the bride chose to look elegant in clean white, complete the bright atmosphere […]

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cheap girls pageant dresses

Cute And Colorful Pageant Dresses For Girls

Pageant dresses for girls really can give adorable look for the girls if the dresses are picked properly. Pageant becomes so popular right now. It starts from any level ages. There are many types of pageant competition. It means that different type of pageant has different rules about how the pageant dress should be. So […]

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gatsby prom dress

The Inspiration Of Great Gatsby Dresses

Great Gatsby dresses are kind of typical flapper dresses. The inspiration is coming from the roaring of twenties. Have you ever watch the movie? If you have, then I don’t ask you about the flow of the story but it is about the nice and beautiful dresses on the movie. Do you admire them? If […]

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Mason jar Wedding Centerpieces as Versatile Wedding Centerpieces

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces As Versatile Wedding Centerpieces

Mason jar wedding centerpieces are extremely popular right now. It is not just because its beauty and versatility but also it is budget friendly. Basically, Mason jar is used to preserve fruits and vegetables but thanks to creativity this kind of jar can look elegant as wedding centerpieces. Even though, there are lot functions of […]

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rustic wedding cake designs

Charming And Chic Rustic Wedding Cake

Rustic wedding cake is one of rustic wedding decoration which not only good looking but also good tasting. This typical cake help to bring the sense of rustic wedding. The cake comes with different variation of colors, layers and toppers. It depends on the seasons, wedding color-themed and the preference of the bride and the […]

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rockabilly wedding invitations

Retro Feel Of Rockabilly Wedding

Rockabilly wedding is wedding which inspired the early rock and roll or retro rock spirits. It is kind of wedding which put the atmosphere of 1950’s rock and roll period. Such things like dancing, laughing, care-free feeling. The girl updos will be something like high ponytails. The make-up will be dark eye with long lashes […]

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purple and green wedding centerpieces

The Majestic Of Purple Wedding Centerpieces

Purple wedding centerpieces are centerpieces which define purple wedding-themed. Yup, we need purple to explain purple. You can use only one of purple shade or combine them with all of purple shades which are available. It is also possible to combine purple shade with others color shade. There are many options for you to create […]

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traditional jewish wedding vows

The Reasons In Choosing Wedding Vows Traditional

Wedding vows traditional are still commonly used on modern wedding ceremony because it is considered more sacred. The tradition of sacred vow is a most vital moment and will be the fondest memories of each pair. Therefore, you must prepare the vow text carefully so that the impression of the sacred marriage is not lost […]

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catholic church wedding programs

The Sacred Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Catholic wedding ceremony has a long and continuous series of events. The ceremony is done solemnly. There are several steps that must be carried by the brides before the wedding ceremony. In the Catholic, marriage is a sacred ceremony that only performed once in a lifetime. Therefore, divorce in the Catholic religion, especially the Roman […]

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